Tara at Mairie of Agen, Llanelli's twin town

Tara at Mairie of Agen, Llanelli's twin town

Tara Fisher, representing Llanelli Fairtrade, in front of the Mairie of Agen, Llanelli's twin town, before going in to talk to local councillors about Fairtrade.

She had a very happy visit. They were very welcoming. It is clear now why Wales leads Britain and Britain leads the world in Fairtrade. Without the support of local government and Fairtrade Wales, we could never have achieved what we have. Llanelli Fairtrade feels intensely proud of and grateful for the help and support we have received to enable us to become a Fairtrade Zone. Thanks again to the Councillors of Agen for their welcome.


Principles of Fairtrade

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